What is Nokia Symbian Hacking and Why Should you Hack Your Nokia Symbian


What is Nokia Symbian Hacking and Why Should you Hack Your Nokia Symbian

New Nokia Symbian phone users are faced with one form of dissatisfaction or the other when trying to get the most out of their Symbian phones. Many shiver when the read or hear the clause “HACK YOUR SYMBIAN” In the literal sense, the word HACK is used with a negative overtone but in the context of using it with a Nokia Symbian phone, it simply means REMOVAL OF RESTRICTION PLACED ON YOUR PHONE BY YOUR MANUFACTURER. Be that as it may, let us now move to the question of what is Nokia Symbian hacking and why should I hack my Nokia Symbian phone? 

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What is Mobile Phone Hacking?

It may sound very dangerous to you but its nothing that you have to worry about. your phone doesn’t take any damage. On the contrary, you just take full control of your phone. After hacking it, you can change almost everything on your phone and install any application, something that Nokia didn’t want.

A simple example: why should I not be able to change the Nokia shaking hands at phones startup with something more personal? after hacking your phone you can do that if you want. hacking your phone is liberty.
Unfortunately, you will not find any new settings or functions to change what you want on your phone: you have to install other apps or apply some patches to do that. but the good news is that other guys already have done these things so you just have to read and follow the given steps and you’re done. *

After hacking your phone, you will be happy that you can install any unsigned application without signing it.

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What is Nokia Symbian hacking: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Symbian Hacking

First off, hacking your phone will disable the security of your phone, so the phone will not check if an app is signed or unsigned while installing it. In addition, you will also be able to see all the folders/files on your phone using a file explorer like “X-Plore”.

It can also enable you to add patches in your phone that will change some things as I said above the Nokia shaking hands at startup, or you will be able to mute/add other sounds when you take a pic with your cam, etc. that’s cool stuff or not? : *

Why Does Nokia Close/Restrict the Phones?

Apparently, the very first Symbian phones were not closed. We could see all phone files with an explorer, we could install any application that came out and so on. unfortunately, virus developers knew that also and after some time (when Nokia started to sell many S60 phones) many viruses came out
many viruses came out because the phones were not protected at all against that.

After that, Symbian had to react. And they did, bringing out Symbian 9. Symbian had changed almost everything on the phone’s software, making it impossible to install applications that were developed for the older operating systems. I think the first thought of Symbian was to make the phones more secure against viruses. some people also say they did that for the money. And I think they are also right because everything is about money.

About Symbian 9.x

with the new operating system, everything changed. the phones were closed now. of course, we could install new apps on it but they had to be signed applications.

What are Symbian Signed Applications?

Symbian apps signing is the process of encoding a tamper-proof digital certificate into an application sis (installation) file. The certificate identifies the application’s origin, and grants access to those Capability-protected API’s
The certificate identifies the origin of the application, and grants access to those Capability-protected API’s (Application Programming Interface) in Symbian OS that the application declared at build-time. Here are several Capability examples:
On Symbian OS, protected APIs are those that allow sensitive operations, such as those that may:

  • access end users private data, thus potentially breaching privacy
  • potentially create billable events, thus costing the end-user money
  • access the mobile phone network, potentially affecting its operation *
  • access handset functions that can affect the normal behavior of the phone
  • potentially impact the performance of other applications running on the phone.

Although Symbian didn’t want the end-user to get involved in all this process, (signing, etc should be only for the developers) we got somehow involved at the end.
If you get a Developer Certificate. this Cert is only for your phone, you cant use it on other devices to install applications.


Because you have to use an application to hack your phone that is unsigned (HelloOX) After you signed and installed this application you don’t have to worry about unsigned applications anymore.

You can install any application now without signing it. Nowadays you don’t need to get a certificate before hacking your phone all you need to do is using Dr webbs anti-virus Norton antivirus or equivalent (watch out for the tutorial in my next post)

If I Upgrade my Phone’s Firmware, Will I lose the Hack?

Some Symbian phones like the 5800 (and the N85 I think) can upgrade the firmware without losing any of your data. But Nokia change always something on the phone’s security with an upgrade so it’s better to be prepared to make the hack again.

The same applies to all the other phones that do not keep your data after an upgrade. I strongly advise that you backup the phone’s memory before the upgrade. If you think that the hack will still work after the upgrade, it’s more likely that it will not.

Viruses Vs Symbian Hacking?

that’s a good question. After the hack, the phone is truly open to everything. so in the theory, we can also install Symbian viruses. But until now there is no much virus for s60v3 and newer phones.

I think it because only a few people are actually hacking their phones (compared to the millions of sold devices worldwide) so it’s not the same as in the early days of S60 phones with the viruses that we have got back then. So now that you know that the pros of hacking your phone outweigh its cons why don’t you give it a try now.

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